You’re a Hero

Profound Principles for Every Child to Enjoy

Profound principles for children

I really am enjoying your You’re a Hero CD. I listen to it every day. It is full of knowledge; very transcendental, enlivening and soothing. Thank you for your creation; I really appreciate the experiences it gives me. And I love your voice. It is definitely not just for children!

CD Review by Author Amy Hatkoff

I’ve devoted my career to understanding the needs of children and what we can do to support their optimal development and well-being. The new CD, You’re a Hero, recently released by Ann Purcell is truly music to my ears! In You’re a Hero, Ann Purcell uses the medium of music to share with children the invaluable principles that she explored through her lifetime of experience as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. The songs convey messages all parents would want their children to learn.  The lyrics uplift, nurture, guide, and inspire.  They help children become more aware of their inner resources and offer them a profoundly positive lens through which to view themselves and the world. You’re A Hero provides children with pearls of wisdom to live by. The title is a perfect example of how Ms. Purcell celebrates children, their qualities, and the things in life that really matter.  All of the song titles speak for themselves and capture the essence of the messages within.

Examples of Titles and Messages:

  • “Speak the Truth that is Sweet” and “Truth Alone is Victorious” convey positive messages and values, including the importance of kindness, empathy, truthfulness, and sensitivity towards others.
  • The songs,“You Are All Possibilities,” and “Always Go for the Highest,” empower children, reminding them of their tremendous capacities and inspiring them to be their best.
  • The lyrics in “Believe in Miracles” and “The World is as We Are” help children to focus on and believe in the positive. These songs also provide words that can comfort children and offer them tools to handle difficult emotions, calm their fears and create a relaxed state.
  • “Sleep in the Light of God” is a song that seems to cradle children in the heart of warmth, safety and love and “Peace Begins Within” holds a vision of and path towards unity and peace.

In addition to the captivating lyrics, the music is wonderful. Ms. Purcell’s voice has a pure, loving quality that embodies the essence of the principles she is conveying. Listening to her voice evokes a sense of peace, calm, safety and well-being as she envelops the listener in a cocoon of warmth, light, joy and inspiration. While You’re A Hero is geared for children from four to ten years of age, the songs have the rare quality of speaking to a universal audience. I think listeners of all ages will deeply benefit and be inspired by the unique, loving spirit and profound knowledge of the CD. 

My 93 year-old aunt loved it and found the music to be filled with sweetness and joy. One of the wonderful things about music is how listening to it repeatedly can help us to incorporate messages in an effortless, automatic manner, encoding the words into our minds. In the case of You’re a Hero, it is clearly for the highest good of all.  In a world that can seem increasingly turbulent, You’re a Hero offers a wonderful antidote. I couldn’t wait to get a copy to my great-nieces.  I wanted them to hear the messages and feel the wonderful, uplifting energy.

I am so moved by the opportunity You’re a Hero will provide for children to learn these profound principles from a young age. I wish I had been exposed to this knowledge myself when I was young, and feel that this CD should be made available in every school and home.  I hope all stores and websites offering music for children will carry it. As the Dionne Warwick song goes, “What the world needs now  is love, sweet love.” Ms. Purcell’s music, lyrics and extraordinary voice are all love.  Hats off and many thanks to her for this wonderful gift that delivers inspiring messages of light, love, peace and happiness to children and adults everywhere.