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Short Bio
Ann Purcell is an award winning author—her latest publication is Tender Flower of Heaven a collection of 130 poems. Ann has been a full-time teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1973, teaching Transcendental Meditation and advanced courses in many countries around the world. In addition, she has worked on curricula and course development for universities and continuing education programs. She over sees the teaching of Transcendental Meditation in girl’s schools and communities in several countries in Africa.

She also is a song-writer and has recorded 6 CDs.

Ann is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and has been featured in many podcast and radio interviews.


Living Now Book Award

The Transcendental Meditation Technique and the Journey of Enlightenment won a silver medal from the Living Now Book Awards (Meditation & Relaxation category).

See 2015 Living Now Book Award Results

Living Now Award


Authors Night Invitation & Book Mention

Ann Purcell was invited to Authors Night 2015! Authors Night is a lavish fundraiser which is help every year to benefit the East Hampton Library. The founding honorary co-chairs this year were Alec Baldwin and Barbara Goldsmith. The benefit this year also included big names like: Ed Burns, Robert Caro, Dick Cavett and many others.


Interview With Sister Jenna On the America Meditating Radio Show

Sister Jenna welcomes Ann Purcell to the America Meditating Radio Show to discuss her latest book, The Power of Transcendence: Growing in Love, Creativity, Health and Happiness.



Interview with Greg Voisen, from Inside Personal Growth podcast

Inside Personal Growth provides listeners with high quality interviews featuring leading authors in the field of personal development. In this episode, author, Ann Purcell discusses her book, The Journey of Enlightenment. Listen here.


Interview with Lisa Davis of It’s Your Health Network

Thanks to Lisa Davis, Host of It’s Your Health Network heard on NPR, for her great interview questions about Transcendental Meditation and how to quiet the monkey mind as well as the role of thoughts in meditation.

Your Health




Enlightenment: 7 States of Consciousness.

Interview with Keith Anthony Blanchard of Center of Light Radio

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.02.34 PM





Creativity and Meditation with Ann Purcell–Episode 96–February 24, 2016

AC Fuller is an author, writing teacher and podcaster who started his own show in October of 2014. Click here to listen to his interview with Ann Purcell.





WriteStream Radio Interview Series, Britt Allen

12/28/2017 Poetry book, Tender Flower of Heaven

11/28/2015 (Q&A) Transcendental Meditation

12/5/2015 (Q&A) Higher States of Consciousness


Interview With Sister Jenna On the America Meditating Radio Show

Sister Jenna welcomes Ann Purcell to the America Meditating Radio Show to discuss Transcendental Meditation, Enlightenment and lots more!

The interview starts at around minute 17:25 and you can skip through the intro and meditation if you choose by using the player navigation at the top of the page.

If you would like to hear the interview click here

America Meditating







Interview: Yoga with Ashton for his Sivana podcast series. ‪#‎Consciousness‬ ‪#‎Meditation‬ ‪#‎Enlightenment‬

To listen to the interview please click the play button below


Featured Articles

Do Nothing: The Best Advice I Ever Received

How can Do Nothing be the best advice I have ever received? It certainly sounds less-than-productive, and even suggests you drop out of doing anything. What I mean by Do Nothing is transcend — take 20 minutes twice a day for meditation to experience a state where you can simply just Be in stillness. Read Full Article…





Are All Meditations the Same?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how Transcendental Meditation (TM) differs from other forms of meditation. There are many types of meditation on the market today. It seems that around every corner a new yoga studio or meditation center is opening for business. Even doctors are prescribing meditation to help their patients reduce stress. But are all of these practices created equal? Read Full Article…







Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Sometimes women love to spend time with women, men with men, just as sometimes children with children, teenagers with teenagers. It’s natural. Can we use that time of getting together with other women to enhance our spiritual lives and to improve the world on a deeper level? Read Full Article…

Meditation Women





The Science Behind Enlightenment

Enlightenment is often described as peace, liberation, reading your full potential, becoming one with creation, constant happiness or support from the environment but is there an actual science behind it?

An enlightened brain working at full capacity shows an abundance of Alpha Waves which represent inner wakefulness and brain wave coherence which results in greater intuition, calm thought processes and deeper mind-body co-ordination. See Infographic…





Bliss is Not an Attitude

For me the reality of bliss within is not just a nice, fanciful New Age idea. It is not a mood, or an attitude of happiness. Bliss is a way of being in the world, and can be established as an achievement from meditation and one’s own personal development. Inversely, trying to create happiness on a surface level is… Read Full Article…

daily cup is considered one of the top 10 yoga blogs on the Internet today!





The Transcendental Meditation Technique and the Journey of Enlightenment

A book that explains the basics of a meditation technique I practice regularly (and which has provided me with countless positive results), and debunks many mistaken notions about the nature of enlightenment. (Note: Although it’s not a “how to” manual, it directs readers to where they can learn Transcendental Meditation.) View Enlightenment is Sexy Book Club…

Enlightenment—The Effortless Pathless Path

Many people think that to gain enlightenment they have to travel to the Himalayas in India, shut themselves off from the rest of the world in a cave, and give up all their worldly possessions. Most people also believe that it requires great spiritual discipline and is therefore extremely difficult. Read Full Article…








The Transcendental Meditation Technique and the Journey of Enlightenment: An Interview with Ann Purcell

Interview with Linda Egenes

Ann Purcell didn’t start out to write a book. A teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique since 1973, she taught Transcendental Meditation and advanced courses in many countries around the world. She also wrote songs about her experiences of transcending. Read Full Interview…

Global Good News





The Transcendental Meditation Technique and the Journey of Enlightenment – Ann Purcell

Review from

Enlightenment has long been regarded as a state reserved for a few rare individuals, a state that can only be gained by living a recluse life in a cave or in a monastery somewhere. It has been thought that enlightenment is very difficult to achieve… Read Full Review…

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 4.08.18 PM




Enlightenment: The Missing Element

In my upbringing, there was never any discussion about enlightenment, period. I had never heard of enlightenment as a possibility in any church service, or any educational program. Even in India the concept of enlightenment is reserved for the rare few recluse who wish to live in a cave and give up all worldly possessions. Read Full Article…

What Is Self-Realization?

This term “self-realization” is used and asked about quite often. I see no wrong answers to this question, however there are certainly different layers to its meaning and understanding. The term “self-realization” is often related to the concepts of self-actualization, self-discovery, self-reflection and self-exploration. Read Full Article…

Yoga Dork is considered one of the top 10 yoga blogs on the Internet today



10 best books on Transcendental Meditation (Book Ranking, by

This elegant account by Ann Purcell is filled with experiences of higher states of consciousness from meditators from around the world. The book is lucidly written, and clearly structured without being dense. It is both light on the mind and uplifting for the heart. Read More…

The Journey of Enlightenment, by Ann Purcell (Book Review, by

By relating her own experiences and those of Transcendental Meditation practitioners throughout the world, Purcell lays before us the secret to personal fulfilment, spontaneity, inner peace and balance. She deftly explains the how’s and why’s so that every person around the globe could experience this amazing path to enlightenment. Read Full Review…

TM Home






Love and Enlightenment (Featured Article)

Everyone wants love: to be loved, and to be able to give love. From the moment of birth, babies need love to thrive. Research by Megan Gunnar, from the University of Minnesota, shows that babies who are loved in their first six months of life — held often and securely attached to their parents — do not show elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in subsequent stressful situations. Read Full Article…

Let your Soul Sing: Enlightenment is for Everyone a New Book about TM (Book Review)

Older Article from original version “Let Your Soul Sing: Enlightenment is for Everyone”

The following is an excerpt from the wonderful new book, Let Your Soul Sing: Enlightenment is for Everyone 
by Ann Purcell.

“This is the glory of the nature of the Self. Having come back home, the traveler finds peace. The intensity of happiness is beyond the superlative. The bliss of this state eliminates the possibility of any sorrow, great or small… This state of self-sufficiency leaves one steadfast in oneself, fulfilled in eternal contentment.” — Maharishi

Read Full Article Here…


Enlightenment is for Everyone

Review from 1st version of book

Coming Home
I’ll never forget my first meditation. I felt so still and peaceful, yet I felt a heightened alertness as well. It was probably the longest I had ever sat still—quiet and settled—in my whole life; it was only 20 minutes! Afterwards, I felt a huge weight had been lifted from me. It dawned on me that I had found something I had been looking for my whole life without even knowing I was searching for something. Immediately I knew I had come home. Read Full Article…

Enlightenment Magazine




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