Dear Friends,

Nature has always been an uplifting and healing place for me. The songs on O Mother Earth reflect these experiences. I also use the ocean, stars, the wind etc. as a metaphor for our nature within— the silence of our being.

Our precious planet is being threatened by global warning. I hope in some small way these songs will inspire a greater appreciation and activism in preserving Mother Earth, who gives us so much every day.

This album was produced by Grammy award-winning music producer Cynthia Daniels at MonkMusic Studio. East Hampton singing legends Erin Doherty and Rose Kerin, along with her sister Jayleen Lawyer, are featured on several tracks.

Please enjoy the video below, See the Sunrise. I love catching the moment when the sun rises over the ocean. This video and song reflect this experience. The sunrise is also a metaphor for the light of consciousness rising within in.

The album is available on Apple iTunes and your favorite music streaming services.

All proceeds support building the Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment.

Wishing you the enjoyment of the beauty of nature this summer.