It has been over a year since I have written a blog. After writing more than 50 articles, I needed a break. So much has happened since I last wrote. Where should I start?

Last January Australia was on fire, Prince Harry and Megan left the royal family, the impeachment trial took place, sadly Kobe and his daughter died, and 30 democrats ran for president. Then the coronavirus stopped whole world.

This virus has challenged those who have lost jobs, businesses, or family members. For many, it has been an opportunity to reconnect with family, accomplish projects that have been on the back burner, get creative, and practice inner spiritual reflection.

Many of my friends are practicing group Transcendental Meditation online. They report that their meditations are deeper and more settled—a positive sign that a dramatic spiritual awakening is taking place around the world.

It is also time for our precious Mother Earth to breathe a sigh of relief. In India, one can see the Himalayas for the first time in years. Flamingos are swimming in the lakes of Mumbai and dolphins are enjoying the canals of Venice.

I too had several projects on the back burner. One was a book of poetry, a collection of 50 short poems called Droplets of Reflection. I took this social distancing time to finish it, and it will be available soon.

I also redesigned and created I will announce when these websites are live.

I do hope all of you have found this time useful and productive. Soon this COVID cloud must pass, and we will see better times. Until then, please stay safe and healthy.

Ann Purcell