Photo Source: Mark Jones

At a recent book-signing event for The Power of Transcendence: Growing in Love, Creativity, Health, and Happiness in Boca, I was able to address the topic of the moment—the Royal Wedding! I quoted several aspects of Bishop Curry’s speech and explained how it related to several of the blogs in my book. The main theme I mentioned was the Power of Our Inner Voice and the Power of Love. This theme ignited a lively discussion on how we can love our neighbor as our self and how to spread love to our environment, the overarching theme of Bishop Curry’s inspiring sermon.

If you watched the wedding, I am sure you experienced the unifying influence as billions of people watching enjoyed the inclusive feeling of love. I bring out this unifying power of love in several of the articles in my book and describe how the experience of transcendence enlivens this power.

As Bishop Curry said in his sermon, “We are made by a power of love and our lives were meant and are meant to be lived in that love… I am talking about some power, real power—power to change the world.”

I hope this book in some small way will help inspire people to experience the power of love within and how that love within can spread to change the world.