I am so happy to announce that my new book The Power of Transcendence: Growing in Love, Creativity, Health and Happiness is now available to order. My publisher asked me to put many of the blogs I have written over the last five years into one book. This compilation includes over 50 short articles covering many different topics—love, yoga, silence, enlightenment, women, and more.

The book reveals how all aspects of life can be transformed by experiencing the essence of who we are—the silent level of our Being—the transcendent. “Water the root to enjoy the fruit” is the overall message of the book.

The Power of Transcendence is now available on Amazon
10% OFF for a limited time

Need a Present For Mother’s Day?

Whether you already are practicing the Transcendental Meditation Technique or you just want a gift for a friend, there is a something in this book for everyone.  It is an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and any occasion that you want to make very special.

Need a New Book For Your Book Club?

The abundance of different articles in this timely book are the perfect inspiration for your book club or thought group to enliven a wonderful variety of different discussions.

Imagine the liveliness of dialogues around questions such as “what is the purpose of love?” “what is your definition of God?” and “how does stress impact health?”

I will be happy to call into your book club or meeting to discuss the topics and answer questions.


Thank you so much for your support of my last book, The Transcendental Meditation Technique and The Journey of EnlightenmentI am hoping this new book will reach a wider audience and your help and any ideas in this endeavor are always greatly appreciated.

Happy Spring Awakening,

With love,


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