Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation by Bob RothWhat is stillness, and what does it have to do with strength? Where does stillness come from? Can we experience it? If so, how? These are the questions Bob Roth addresses in his New York Times bestselling book Strength in Stillness.

This book is not a philosophical deliberation, rather it highlights a practical, scientifically validated technique that is transforming people’s lives across every strata of society—CEO’s, mothers, prisoners, abused women, PTSD afflicted veterans, and inner city school children.

The technique is Transcendental Meditation, an effortless practice that allows one to experience the depths of stillness present within every human being on the planet.

When the mind easily settles down through the practice, the body receives a profound state of rest, which allows stress to be released.

Stress is the epidemic of our times and is the cause of many health issues and addiction problems. Sadly, stress is also the major contributing factor to the violence prevalent in society today. Stress weakens the mind and body. When we are less stressed, we are more happy, healthy and strong. Inner strength blossoms when we can access the calm that is natural to our being. Wiser choices, good decisions, and effective action results.

The revered Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu observed: “When there is silence, one finds the anchor of the universe within oneself”

In today’s frenetic-paced world, we need strength and resilience for our very survival. For this, inner calm—or stillness—is foundational. Fortunately, we can have both together.

In his engaging book, Bob Roth highlights the scientific research on Transcendental Meditation, in particular focusing on the neurophysiological changes that take place in the mind and body that account for the remarkable calm and effectiveness that spontaneously result during and after the practice. In addition, Roth recounts many remarkable stories on how Transcendental Meditation has transformed the lives of numerous high level professionals, including celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Hugh Jackman, and Katy Perry.

Although the celebrity stories are entertaining, the most touching tales are about veterans whose lives were literally saved through Transcendental Meditation and inner city school children who have turned their lives around after learning the practice.

Strength in Stillness is personal yet universal, simple yet profound, and a must read for anyone who wants a dramatically improved quality of life on every level—more calm, better health, less stress, and inner happiness and fulfillment.

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