human being

What does it mean to be a human being?

Maybe it means just that—to simply be in the state of our Being. If we can regain the totality of the “Being” part of a human being, then we are fulfilling what it means to be human.

Being—Our Silence

The purest state of Being is the silent level of consciousness within our selves. The quality of silence is all nourishing. It’s a state of unity, peace, and a state of pure love.

There are all types of humans on this earth—from the most evil, miserable tyrants to positive, saintly souls, and many personalities in between those two extremes.

The more we can put the “Being” back into human being, the more the pendulum will swing towards the positive, saintly side of life.

Our Innermost Nature

Meditation has become very popular. The technique I have practiced for 45 years is Transcendental Meditation, which allows one to experience “Being” itself.

When we transcend through Transcendental Meditation, we experience quieter and quieter levels of the thinking process until we experience a state beyond all thought—pure Being—a state of unboundedness, peace and fullness.
Because it is our innermost nature and because it is a state of complete joy—the mind will automatically settle down to this level in an effortless manner through the technique of TM.

Don’t Be Tossed Around By Life’s Ups and Downs

This level of silence is the essence of who we are—our truest, purest Self, and is within every human being on this planet. The loss of connection to our silent depths is like a tree without its roots or like a ship not anchored to the ocean floor, tossed about by the waves of a storm.

If we are not experiencing the deepest part of our Being within, we also will get tossed about by the ups and downs of life, which can knock us over or make us do things we regret later.

Our Full Humanity

We all desire to be loving, kind human beings and most people are. But we all struggle from time to time. Life will be easier and kinder the more we can access the silence within.

It’s time to put the “Being” back into “human being” and awaken to our full humanity.

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