You have heard the advice “enjoy the rose, not the thorn” or “every cloud has a silver lining.” In almost any situation in life, we can find something good in it.

Although these phrases offer useful advice, sometimes if we are not feeling well it is hard to see the silver lining.  The outer world is a reflection of what we are feeling inside. If we want to see more happiness in the world around us, we need to be happy inside, which is a very simple concept.

The big question is how to be happy inside? Fortunately, there is a place of happiness within everyone in the silent transcendental level of your being. The field of happiness is easily and effortlessly accessed through Transcendental Meditation.  Through the regular experience of this state, happiness begins to grow more and more in daily life. We become more stable inside, and upheavals due to the outer changing realities of life become less.

As a result of increasing happiness in our lives, we are able to naturally and spontaneously able to see the rose and not the thorn.

The following song “Look for the Light” expresses these sentiments:

Wishing you increasing joy and happiness!

Ann Purcell

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