Inaugurate! Demonstrate!

What will I be inaugurating on January 20th? How will I spend my day? Where will my attention be flowing? How do I want to feel all day? Will I be uplifting or criticizing? What will I be demonstrating for—or, rather, simply demonstrating in my life? How and what will I contribute to my country and world in the next four years? Aaah, these are lovely, important questions indeed, and today, my soul ponders them with delight.

Let the Preparations Proceed!

As preparations proceed around the country to happily inaugurate, angrily demonstrate against or despondently observe and ignore, my preparations proceed too. I dive deeper into my heart and ever expanding consciousness to find clarity and the most powerful answers to these questions.

From the perspective of a sincere student of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, one who has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for many years, from the perspective of a “Sidha”, a person who practices the TM-Sidhi℠ Program, these are vital things to consider, and express. What have I learned and absorbed all these years? On what level do I function? What is the best thing I can offer to my dear country and world family right now?

TM meditators and sidhas practice techniques that connect us to the source of thought itself, the transcendental field of pure consciousness, the unified field of infinite peace, the field of the total potential of natural law. From that deepest level of nature’s functioning we radiate a powerful influence of harmony and coherence into our society. Just regularly practicing these simple techniques each day is our most fundamental and powerful contribution.

[Video 1:39] Junon Maceus: “This must be what heaven feels like.”

On the basis of this experience of pure unbounded awareness, pure silence, pure bliss consciousness deep within, the conscious mind comes out of meditation strengthened and purified. It grows in power to effortlessly fulfill desires and intentions and to manifest on the surface of life what it thinks about. I have become aware that I do indeed create my own reality, and that I can create whatever I want.

I am deeply aware that with this power has come the precious responsibility to use my attention to nourish, appreciate, encourage and uplift, and to think big. I realize it is a huge responsibility, and opportunity, to stop thinking of only small targets, like a new car, relationship, house or job, or narrow political, national or geographical boundaries. These are all a natural part of life but in addition to them Maharishi guided us to think bigger—not just for ourselves and our country but also for the whole world—to focus on creating Heaven on the whole earth.

So! Let my preparations proceed to think big for this new administration and inaugurate a demonstration of my most elevated and useful contribution to these next transforming four years!

meditationTo Nourish or Not to Nourish

Am I beyond criticizing and judging? No. I have my opinions, preferences, and concerns. I voted. I have sometimes entered into the fray, the divisive collective consciousness that is helplessly focused from all sides on the problems and shortcomings of one person or party or another. It’s so easy to find oneself in those stormy waves of blame, indignation, and defensiveness as we all try to fulfill our needs and desires. From one level there seems to be very good reason to do so.

Rather than the storm though, I want to reflect the ocean. I want to be a nourisher. The spiritual guidance and wise teachers I have had in my life all reflected this same message to me: “Turn the other cheek”. “Love your neighbor as yourself”. (Jesus). “If you don’t have something good to say about someone, don’t say anything” (Mother). “If there is someone with ninety-nine bad qualities and only one good quality, focus on the one good quality and you will help it to grow.” Maharishi

The message is that denouncing is a waste of our precious time and attention that could be used to enjoyably move ahead toward creating what we want in our lives, and a more loving, compassionate world. When we spend time focusing against someone’s bad qualities or the negative situations in the world we get into the mud and take on that stress. When we criticize it backfires. We don’t help the situation and we only strengthen what we are opposing. What we put our attention on grows stronger even if it is something that we don’t like or want in our lives.

Are we supposed to put our head in the sand, though? How can we address terrorism and national security issues without going to war? How can we really address the deep problems and resolve the conflicts in our nation without opposition? Can everyone possibly get their needs met and feel satisfied without fighting? The seeming dilemma is only an open invitation from our deepest nature to access the field of infinite nourishing power within us where we can actually effect the change we want through pure joy, love, and unity. 

Maharishi-Mahesh-yogiWho’s in Charge Here? Where Does the Real Power Lie?

Maharishi’s perspective that any leader is merely a puppet in the hands of the collective consciousness of those he is leading offers a profound insight on how we as individuals can best help our nations and world. It can remove the sense of powerlessness any individual feels and lead us to understand how we can truly take control of our destiny.

Not only does one’s power of mind for fulfilling desires and goals grow with the individual practice of Transcendental Meditation, the power of coherence, invincibility and harmony in national and world consciousness grows through the group practice of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program.

Maharishi explains that “it is ultimately the consciousness of the individual that is the prime mover of the nation and shapes its destiny. . . The achievements of government are the achievements of national consciousness, and every individual in the nation shares the credit for them. Likewise, the failures of government are the failures of national consciousness, and every individual shares the blame for them.”

With this knowledge that “government is the pure and innocent mirror of the nation, faithfully reflecting whatever is presented to it”, Maharishi created a powerful, peaceful technology to create coherence in each nation. These “coherence creating groups”, ideally made up of the square root of 1% of the population of the country, practice the TM-Sidhi Program including Yogic Flying together twice a day. In this way they enliven the invincible nourishing power of natural law in collective consciousness and create the needed solutions from the field of infinite peace itself.

Maharishi advises:

Fight the war from silence!

This is the supreme technology of defense. It is an ultramodern technology

provided by my Vedic Science and Technology of Defense.

We will make the nation so powerful

that it will not have to resort to an action as gross as war.

On a very subtle level of action, at the source of all action,

the total potential of the organizing power of Natural Law is eternally lively.

It is from this level of dynamic silence

that we can stop the birth of an enemy.

It is wise to act from this level where action will be supported

by the invincible power of Natural Law.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Defense



Demonstrating For the Nourishing Power of Unity Consciousness

Armed with the two great technologies of 1) practicing Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program, ideally in groups and 2) using conscious attention through thought, speech and action to focus on creating Heaven on Earth, I am ready to celebrate an inspired inauguration day.

In fact, I am enthusiastically ready to make every day of these next four years and beyond, an inaugural day, a constant renewal of contributing my all to Heaven on Earth. And I am prepared to demonstrate wondrous things!

I am eager to demonstrate with every other meditator and sidha in the world the transforming, unifying and nourishing power of the deepest level of consciousness for the well-being of everyone. I am ready to help build the coherence-creating groups to their full potential.

I am ready to demonstrate the wisdom of looking inward rather than outward for input on where the world is headed, the wisdom of creating the news I want to see rather than merely listening to the news of the day.

Whenever I hear or see anything that is disturbing to me, when things are not reflecting the beautiful, peaceful, unified world that I know is possible, I will not waste a moment in lamenting or criticizing. I will remember how Maharishi inaugurated the dawn of the “Age of Enlightenment” in 1975 when it was still dark and inspired us to join in the deep, fun, and focused work of creating it. I will think the biggest most uplifting and positive thought I can possibly think concerning the situation or person, and express it, and let all the love in my heart flow and flow and flow.

I want to demonstrate with masses of other people where the infinite power for effortlessly fulfilling the hopes and dreams of everyone on earth lies.

I plan to demonstrate the joy and great benefits that come from the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program.

I will continue and continue to spend my time focused on this elevated, profound knowledge and find a way to share it with others through music, poetry, blogs, and speech. I will sing and love and enjoy and be happy, and I will flood the world with all the love and light in my heart.

May our new President be full of love, joy, wisdom and integrity. May he be spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally fit and healthy. May he become truly great at conflict resolution and succeed in unifying our country. May he rise to do great things and inspire the appreciation and love of the American people and the whole world.

Let the inauguration of the most evolutionary four years begin!

Let the demonstration of the full nourishing power of Maharishi’s inspired techniques for Heaven on Earth begin!

Maharishi Quote

Let the inaugurations begin! Let the demonstrations begin!

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