OceanI have had a life-long relationship with the ocean having grown up right next to it.  I always feel I have come home when I go to the beach. Its expanse feels like a mother’s arms, stretched open wide calling me into her calming embrace.

The ocean is my refuge and no matter how I feel before I walk its sandy shore, I always leave feeling better. The musical waves lapping on the sand are a soothing lullaby. Their gentle pounding sound is like a choir that lifts me higher and higher to my better self.

One moment the ocean is calm and serene.  The next moment its waves dance, glide in, and fall on the shoreline. Some days it is wild and free; and it is always hypnotic.

The sea is God’s painting that changes with endless arrays of colors and designs as the sun appears new every day on the horizon. The reflection of the clouds on the glassy calm ocean is a beautiful double image and another joy to behold.

When I am at the beach I become myself—free of pretense—just simple me.  Sometimes the ocean makes me feel so small and insignificant compared to the vastness that surrounds me. Other times it is as if the boundaries of life—past and present—disappear and my awareness merges with the sea and also with the sky above. Rather than feeling small and insignificant, I feel I am a part of this amazing creation, where my thoughts and feelings matter.

In those moments when I experience this state of oneness with the beauty around me, I feel in harmony with my surroundings. When I am caught up in worries and anxiety, I feel out of sync with nature. Fortunately, just like in my practice of Transcendental Meditation, the ocean has the power to bring me back into harmony with myself and thus in tune with the environment around me.

I feel so much gratitude that I can walk along the ocean’s shoreline, and gaze out to the horizon. Especially during these troubled times, it is a blessing to have the ocean as a refuge and a source of peace and joy.

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