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May is my favorite month in Florida. The winter crowds have gone and a quieter settled feeling descends upon the small coastline town where I live. Although the weather is starting to get warmer, the heat has not yet cast its July and August oppression.

Have you ever noticed how happy everyone is at the beach, especially the children? The ocean is a bath of bliss for them as their laughter echoes everywhere. During May in Florida, the ocean is a perfect temperature, like a warm bath. Diving into the ocean washes away any tension and restores one to a state of peaceful joy.

The ocean is like a meditation. The aqua clear water calms and the lapping waves soothe. The vast expanse of the ocean and the infinite sky are like the unbounded experience of the transcendent in the state of pure Being.

Watching the sun cast it’s sparkles on the sea is watching divinity in motion. It is literally like watching the same divinity that dances within when consciousness wakes up and observes its own shimmering nature during meditation.

Each day the sunrise over the ocean is completely different than the day before—ever changing and ever new. Yet, our one sun is always the same. The sun peeking over the horizon is always a thrilling and magical moment. Experiencing these blessed few minutes in the morning makes me feel so grateful to be alive, witnessing this beauty. Watching the sunrise is a perfect way to start the day.

The balmy breeze and the sound of the palm trees in the evening are sounds that soothe my soul. Walking on the beach under the moonlight and seeing the small flashes of light from the boats on the sea in the distance are also precious moments to capture.

Needless to say, I love the sunshine state of Florida, and especially during the month of May.

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