Guest post by Karen Johnson

I can’t stop thinking that solutions exist – and should be applied, without delay, now – for every problem on earth if we harness all the untapped intelligence in our world family. I can’t stop thinking about this timely idea of a fundamental silence revolution, as well as peaceful revolutions urgently needed on every level of society.

Ann Purcell’s blog “The Silence Revolution” aroused my highest visions and fanned my feeling that all the pure, revolutionary dreams of peace-loving people everywhere could be about to come true.

I’ve Been Dreaming

I’ve been dreaming that some amazing human being outside of either major party with great integrity and wondrous leadership ability will pop up out of the blue and announce a presidential candidacy of enormous substance and goodness. I’ve been dreaming that this person will proceed to take the country by delightful surprise, unifying the American people in a tidal wave of inspiration, excitement, optimism, and a new direction for the transformation of our government, environment, economy, energy, healthcare, education, social justice, agriculture and food supply.

Who will it be with a heart and mind so great and highly developed to actually give the silence revolution a significant try in a big way? Who, I’ve been wondering, will show this kind of refined strength in political leadership to recognize the infinite silence at the basis of the human mind as the source of all solutions and also apply it to allow their revolutionary political ideas to take root and fully blossom for the good of all?

Could Such a Leader Exist Here and Now?

The past few days my heart is soaring with the discovery that such a person may already exist. She popped up into my awareness through a YouTube headline: “Jill Stein is Open to Collaborating With Bernie Sanders for Presidential Bid”

[Video 6:08] Jill Stein is Open to Collaborating With Bernie Sanders for Presidential Bid

Inspiration has set in. Jill Stein is the presidential candidate for the Green Party and from everything I’ve watched and read so far she seems to breathe the essence and fullness of revolution – but in such a natural, lovely way. She radiates grace and love, peace and knowledge. She is refreshing. She is balm. She is gently powerful, and I really love that she is taking a stand against war: “We need a real revolution, a deep revolution against the military industrial complex”.

My feeling is that here is someone who could succeed in restoring America to be a nourishing influence in the world instead of a warring power. My sense is that she is already deeply rooted in inner silence and could recognize the value in promoting a silence revolution to support our nation’s well-being.

Hand in Hand – The Two Revolutions

What greater power could dispel the power of war than the power of infinite peace, rooted in the depths of everyone’s being? What more real and deep a revolution could there be than the “silence revolution”?

As Ann Purcell writes: “A partially developed mind can only create partially developed solutions to challenges or problems. If we give [people] the opportunity to learn Transcendental Meditation, we will see a new generation of happy, healthy, creative, stress-free individuals. These [people] will naturally use much more of their brain potential to develop holistic, far-reaching solutions to the multitude of problems in the world”.

Perhaps we need both levels of revolution – the inner silence revolution along with all the outer revolutions that so many people are promoting. Applying the power of silence to make significant changes in every area of life is revolutionary in its simplicity, depth, breadth and power.

Let the revolutions begin!

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