palm-trees-1370904-1280x960A friend of mine shared with me this poem she wrote. She lives on an island in the Bahamas where the wind can sometimes be very strong. Living on an island you feel a little more vulnerable when a storm suddenly comes through.

Every one finds their unique meaning of a poem in relation to their life. I interpret this poem to mean that she compares the unknown wind, the vast sea, to the unknown power of love. However, nature always comforts and helps to put our ego in the proper place. I would love to hear your interpretation of this heartfelt poem.

The Wind

Wind coming in from
the mainland
Turns and heads northward
conflicted  undecided
twisting and turning
yet driven
The sea tells my story
how powerless I am
over all that I have ever loved
She tells me that
I am not alone
The moon visits me
each night like a mother
who can not get too close
Yet always protecting
I want to stay with her
Yet I slumber under
her soft glow
I wake and she has left me
giving comfort to another
I see stars falling from
the sky
a brief flash of light
Wings made of wax?
Melted by the fire of
dishonesty and ego?

Kimberly Allmon Tiernan