writing-1317009-1280x960Did you know that 80% of people want to write a book but only 1% succeed? Do you yourself wish you could write a book but have no idea where to start?

Like many, since childhood I have loved reading and writing. Reading allows us to dive into another world of experience. I feel I am traveling with the author to that place or that community or that inner world that is conjured up by the magic of words. Probably all of us have defining moments when a book spoke to us or transformed the way we see life. Research now supports what we already guessed–that reading helps us understand people and situations and prepares us for living well.

And then there is the special power that writing, or any form of self-expression, gives us. When we write, even for ourselves, we learn what it is we think, what we feel, what we want to communicate. When we send our work out, we find others who resonate with us. This connection is priceless and reminds us of all we share and how deeply we are connected.

Reading and books and self-expression have undergone a transformation in the last decade. Kindle ebooks have changed the face of publishing. Now writing and getting one’s message out to many readers is so much more in one’s own hands.

I wanted to write a book to remove the mystique of what constitutes “a real writer” and encourage new writers, especially women over fifty, to embark on this journey. I believe that women have a great deal of experience to share and their voices are sorely needed today.

To understand what was needed, I interviewed some writers who had recently overcome the hurdles and made it over the publishing line. What I found was:

  • the deep satisfaction and joy of expressing your creative voice
  • the importance of adding meaning and personal reinvention to your life
  • the magic that happens when you honor your truest self
  • the tremendous value of insight gained through years of experience
  • the positive difference you can make in leaving a lasting legacy
  • the need to be prepared when excuses come to derail you and how other writers overcome them
  • why now is the BEST time in history for a woman to write and publish.

I have met many fascinating writers along the way and found vibrant online communities helping each other to find their voices and leave their legacies. Like me, they are surprised to find that the steps to write and self-publish are many and challenging, but the satisfaction of writing one’s book easily outweighs them. A feeling arises that what you have to say matters. Doors start to open and opportunities appear.

As our world becomes more connected and smaller, I encourage anyone who has the desire to take up the challenge of telling your story. It is unique. Someone out there is waiting for it. You will be surprised how wWrite-fifty-martinell your words are received.

Jeanette E Martin, Write Your Book at Fifty on Amazon.

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