Day 1
I awoke to Paradise in Kauai, Hawaii. But, how do you describe paradise in words or even in photos?  Words and pictures cannot convey the smell of ocean salt in the air, the soft, moist warmth of the balmy breeze, the sounds of birds singing, the ocean’s hum in the distance, the feeling of peace bestowed upon one by the breathtaking magnitude of the beauty, the calming movement of palm trees, and the sight of lush green plants everywhere, which were embellished by the colorful pinks and peach exotic flowers.

Paradise in words—an impossibility. I can only hope to imbibe this island of paradise into my soul!

Today I was able to submerge into the gentle waves of the Pacific ocean at Hanalei Beach— a perfect antidote to jet lag and sitting on a plane for 12 hours. The ocean view, with mountains surrounding the water to the north, is a scene right out of the movie South Pacific.  In fact, it is where South Pacific was filmed.

Day 2
I guess even paradise has its challenges. Roosters crow all night long. A hurricane hit the islands in 1992 destroying all the chicken coops. Chickens, hens, and roosters inhabit all parts of the island with the roosters crowing 24/7, it seems. What happened to crowing only when the sun comes up?
As the climate is ideal, everyone leaves their windows open so you also hear any noise from cars, neighbors, children, and yes, those roosters!  Fortunately, on my second day here their cockadoodledooing blended more into the background and I have gotten use to the noise!


Day 3
It is a beautiful clear crisp today. In the early morning, I walked up to a point that looked out over the Pacific and also the mountains to the north. A few lavender pink clouds crowned the mountains. Music filled the air with all the birds singing. I saw a sighting of an Albatross.

In the afternoon the wind strongly picked up and the thin gray clouds came rolling in. I had to close all my windows as the crosswind in my room was too lively!

North shore Beach Kauai Hawaii
Day 4
Today the misty clouds hang over the mountains. Gray is the background color to all the vibrant damp green. The air is filled with heavy moisture. A little later the sun starts to peak through the clouds, which lights up the green vegetation with renewed vibrancy. The air smells  damp, yet fresh.

I did want to take a moment and share my experience thus far, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Best to you,

Ann Purcell


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