AvocadoOrganic skin care products have always been important to me, especially since I read a book called, “Feed Your Face” about 30 years ago. I looked on the Amazon website to see if the book was available to share in this article, but I could not find it. In that book I remember the author saying that you should not put anything on your face that you would not put into your mouth.

The average US woman uses approximately 10 different skin care products containing over 168 different chemicals every day.

As much as I love putting mashed avocado’s and yogurt on my face, olive oil in my hair, and cucumbers on my eyes, I like it even more when I can find a good skin care product, which is completely pure, and already made. Therefore, I get excited when I find a new website that offers organic skin care products.

Many products that companies claim are natural, or even organic, are often not 100% organic. One website I recently discovered, via my niece, is called Morada Pure. The owner of this store has done the work for us by researching the purity of the products to make sure they are non-toxic.

A statement from their website says:

“All of the ingredients in every skin care product we carry have been used and tested by Morada Pure then compared to the EWG Skin Deep Database, our own Blacklist Ingredients, and the European Union Cosmetic Ingredients and Substances.”

The Morada Pure website offers a variety of skin care lines for all types of skin. Everyone has different skin and should find a product that feels right for their skin type. Morada Pure continually adds new products, which they have discovered and vetted—so be sure to check back regularly.

In the meantime be sure to feed your face just as you would your body. The outcome will prevent skin damage, potential health problems, and provide more radiant looking skin!

Yours in health,

Ann Purcell