Meditation-MusicI love listening to music! Different music obviously has different effects. I will often let my mood select the type of music to listen to in that moment. Some music makes me want to dance and sing. Other types of music penetrate deep into my heart and uplift my emotions. There is also music that has a settling effect on my mind and body.

When the mind settles down to quieter levels, this is the beginning process of transcending.

What is Transcending?

The process of transcending takes one inside, from the surface/active level of the thinking mind to more refined/quieter levels of the thinking process.

Going to a loud rock concert would not help one to settle down and would probably stimulate the physiology to want to dance. Dancing to music is certainly joyful, but this activity can move the mind and body outwards, in the opposite direction of transcending.

If you are listening to some soothing music with your eyes closed, it will most likely have a settling effect on the physiology and aid in the process of transcending.

What is the Goal of Transcending?

The goal of transcending is to go beyond all our thoughts to experience the field of pure silence—the cosmic, unbounded level of our being. Although music can aid us in settling down, to completely transcend we have to go beyond even the music itself.

What is Transcendence?

Transcendence is when we go beyond even the quietest level of the mind and experience the source of thought, the purest, innermost level of our silent awareness.

The best way to transcend is through a mental technique like Transcendental Meditation. There are a lot of meditation techniques out on the market. I like Transcendental Meditation because it is an easy and natural technique, which allows for the regular experience of transcendence.

[Video 7 Minutes] Informative Video On Meditation

Hear the Music of Silence

Music, including Gandharva Veda—the classical music of India—can help with transcending. However, if you want the fastest possible way to transcend, meditation is the royal path.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that being completely present to my own transcendental experience and internal silence has also been a very powerful musical experience.

The Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle said, “See deep enough, and you see musically; the heart of nature being everywhere musical, if you can only reach it.”