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Guest Author, Valerie Gangas

Since my original blog post, “Top 5 Reasons to Learn Transcendental Meditation” went live on July 16, 2015, I have received a lot of comments. So, it just seemed right for me to share with y’all 5 more ways Transcendental Meditation has made my life an increasingly large and delicious piece of “Heaven on Earth”:


I) A More Relaxed Grip on the Wheel

steering-wheelBefore I learned TM, and especially when I was growing up, “control” was a big factor in how I lived my life. That is, I thought I needed to exert control over as many aspects of my life as I possibly could, in order to be successful at getting the results I believed I needed. Let’s see, can any of you relate to this? Looking back, it’s funny how often I recall my mom saying to me, “When you give up the belief that tells you, ‘I need to have everything a certain way to be happy,’ your life will naturally expand and start including even greater possibilities.” I now get how right she was. But it’s only because I was able to relax my grip on the steering wheel—through TM’s helping me to connect up directly to the Universe/God/the Laws of Nature (whatever you want to call The Source), which IS in control. That feeling of “letting go and letting God” has naturally arisen and freed me from my previous compulsions to control. It’s clear to me, though, I could not have come to this freedom without having a true sense that something Divine was guiding me—and everything else—way better than I could ever do it. Trust me, a relaxed state of mind is good . . . and TM can help get ya’ there.

II) Easier to Recognize “Signs from the Universe”

As I’ve continued my life in this new mode—meditating and living from the inside out—I’ve begun sensing the abundance of “signs from the Universe” all around me, every day. It just seems obvious to me now. I have a clear sense when I’m going the “right” or the “wrong” way. The Universe gives me definite “winks” that let me know I am on the right path. This takes so much of the mental responsibility off my plate—I don’t have to figure everything out and be on hyper-alert. Instead, the act of meditating and tuning in my antennae to what the Cosmos is telling me, and trusting that, has become my new norm . . . and it never lets me down.

III) Less Thinking, More Inner Knowing

People laugh when they hear me say, “I don’t really think.” But since I’ve learned TM, I’ve come to value and follow my inner guidance system (intuition, instincts, my gut reaction) much more often than I used to. This way of living is like a breath of fresh air. I let my intuition run the show and any anxiety about making good decisions has been squashed. I just know what to do, because I’m now tapped into the visceral part of myself. I let God take the wheel and I just enjoy the ride. And as I have said many times before, God has a way cooler plan for us than we could ever imagine.

IV) Improves Mastery at Manifesting

If you believe, as I do, the spiritual aphorism, “Thoughts become things,” then it’ll make sense to you that learning TM has significantly advanced my ability to manifest the life I want. When I am in the flow, which now I frequently am, my “wizard” nature seems to kick in, big time. I can actually see that my desires are coming from a higher place and are far from random. That is, when I align myself with my Atman and just let go, my thoughts hold tremendous power. It took me a while to accept that we as mere mortals have what seems to be a “superpower,” but after a while it just became my norm. It seems to be one of the many perks of connecting up (through TM) with the Great Magnet.

V) Enhances the Power of Prayer

prayerWhether you’re someone who prays or not, I thought it’d be irresponsible of me not to mention how much practicing TM has added a deeper dimension to my prayers and given me a richer, fuller sense of the power of prayer. When I close my eyes to start meditating, it’s as though I’m picking up the phone and I have God on speed-dial. I feel totally connected to everything and everyone. My life has transformed into a constant conversation with the Big Cheese and the cool part: now He answers me. No middle man is necessary. The way I pray has also changed. Because of this deep connection I feel and the level to which I have surrendered, my prayers consist of gratitude and replacing my Christmas list with the statement:”God, work through me. Use me for your highest good. I am here for You fully. Always.”


As I’ve said before, these and so many other truly righteous changes in my life have come about from my learning Transcendental Meditation . . . and practicing it, twice a day, every day. For me, it’s simple: do I want to sit down for 20 minutes and align myself with the dynamic flow of the Universe . . . and truly live from the inside out? For me, that’s a no-brainer. From which ever way I look at it, the benefits of meditating just keep piling up. I feel so totally blessed to have found something so simple, yet so incredible . . . a gift that truly keeps on giving!

If you want to know more about learning Transcendental Meditation, locate the nearest TM teacher at and give him or her a call. It may just change everything in your life for the better.


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