Dear Friends,

A year ago I had dinner at a family friend’s party and was seated next to a gentleman who was a World War II veteran and a good friend of the host. He happened to be writing a book. I told him I had just published a book. He asked me if I would read the first chapters of his manuscript and also said he would enjoy reading my book. I sent him a copy of the book but did not hear back from him.

Naturally, I was delighted when I saw in my inbox an email from him a few days ago, a year later!  He had some health issues and only recently was able to read the book. His comments touched me more than any other review I have received.

Here is what he wrote: 

Over the last few months I’ve dipped in and out of Journey of Enlightenment and sometimes go back to it. You see, Ann, I was more interested in the overall Transcendental Meditation picture than the specifics, and your inspiring book has enhanced my understanding in many ways. You’ve done a beautiful job in associating your personal experiences in life with the practice of TM and while it isn’t a textbook on the subject it is instead an intriguing read of your journey of growth, compassion and love.

I also want to add … your poetry warms my heart.

I have found that I can identify with a number of your experiences as some are remarkably similar to several of my own. We do what we can with our lives in the hope that we can grow and on the process conceivably benefit others along the way. It is often a difficult road but one we should take if we anticipate expanding our own existence.

While I no longer play the guitar I had a period in my life during which I wrote my own poetry in the form of song lyrics and as you, I heard melodies in my head and in the 60s composed more than fifty songs. I produced a number of them and one was a regional hit in the mid-South. I mention this because as you, I didn’t have the singing voice I had hoped but certainly appreciated those who did and when I spotted talent in others I often used those who possessed it in the demos I produced.

I’d like to learn more; we should never allow ourselves to stop the process of seeking inner peace and harmony with God, our fellow man and nature.

I found his last sentence most poignant and meaningful. I agree with him we should never stop seeking inner peace and harmony with God, our fellow man and nature.

What wise words!

Ann Purcell

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