enlightenment feedbackWe asked some readers of The Journey of Enlightenment to share with us what they enjoyed about the book. We talked to Lee, who lives in South Florida and is a lifeguard as well as a talented musician. Lee enjoys spending his days outside in nature and feels a deep connection with the ocean. He has had many adventures taking boating trips throughout the world, and finds spiritual inspiration and peace while at sea.

Lee shared with us what he appreciates about the book. “I like all the beautiful quotes from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the beginning of each chapter,” he explains, “That enlightenment is a birthright of all men and its shifting… Maharishi was saying that a shift was taking place in the world to speed about creating a more peaceful change.” Lee says, “I like the quote about the shift in spiritual change encompassing the sociological, psychological, and physiological traits of the human race.”

Lee also enjoyed the poems woven throughout the book, “particularly the poem about heaven,” he says. Below is the poem that Lee enjoyed.

Video of Lee offering feedback on, “The Transcendental Meditation Technique and the Journey of Enlightenment.”

You can order a copy of The Journey of Enlightenment at this link, and enjoy reading the book yourself!



Heaven I see dancing before my eyes,

Vibrant in every particle of creation;

Heaven is my silence cognized,

Spurred into tenderest fluctuation.

Heaven I see alive in every flower,

The soft sky, the trees swaying in the wind;

Heaven is my Self empowered,

Folding deeper and deeper within.

Heaven I see descending in waterfalls,

Bubbling brooks, shimmering on the streams;

Heaven is my Self divinely enthralled,

Interlaced in a thousand luminous beams.

Heaven I see glittering in the twilight,

Smiling on the moon, pulsating in the stars;

Heaven is my brilliant white light,

Lighting the universe, near and far.

Heaven I see in dusty pastel sunsets,

Angel-hair clouds, and the dawning day.

Heaven is my Self casting its net,

Enveloping all the luminescent rays.

Heaven I see aglow on mountain-touched skies,

Sweeping into grassy valleys below.

Heaven is my inner wakeful paradise,

In perception reflected as bliss superimposed.