A few days ago I walked down to the beach before the sun was about to rise. The ocean was a glassy silvery stillness. I knew I was not going to see the sunrise this quiet morning as there was a soft, pale, pinky-grey mountain of clouds on the horizon.


There were about seven or eight groups of people and a few single people who were sitting on beach chairs with the hopes of also seeing the sunrise. The other early risers on the beach who had also come to witness the magic of the sunrise touched my heart. It was a moment of pure fulfillment, even ecstatic joy. I felt an all-embracing love for everyone and everything around me.

I don’t know what unleashed this flow of bliss and love in my heart. Was it the pure peace of the ocean? Was it the other people who were up early to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise?


Whatever ignited the passion I felt for the beauty around me doesn’t matter. I know it was a transcendent moment where I felt the living presence of God. I am just grateful to have been at the beach that blessed morning.