Mother EarthHow often do we stop and think how fortunate we are for the beauty of nature that surrounds us? The sun, stars, moon, meadows, rain forests, the ocean, rivers and lakes are all a beautiful phenomena full of joy and wonder. Mother Earth gives us our food, she ultimately sustains all of life.

We have to take care of Mother Earth, especially as we are at a tipping point in the history of our planet. If we do not take care of Mother Earth right now, future generations could really suffer with droughts, famines, floods, tsunamis, massive hurricanes, and tornado’s. We are already starting to experience the destructive force of nature due to the imbalance that is growing because of global warming.

In the following video I am asking Mother Earth to forgive us for our transgressions to her and to please let us start anew with respecting all the blessings she gives us every day.

(3:42) Mother Earth Music Video:

I hope you enjoyed this video and will share it with your friend and any environmental groups whom you think might be interested in it.

Health and Happiness,

Ann Purcell

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