winter_treesWe are now in the most silent time of year in nature—January and February—at least in the northern hemisphere. Walking outside on a snowy day, there are no songs of birds singing through the air, no rustling of leaves whispering in the wind, even rivers and lakes have become immovable, frozen into tranquility. All around everything is still except the silent falling of the snow.

Have you ever thought about the power of silence? Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought Transcendental Meditation to the west, began every new year with a week of silence. When the week was over he would emerge with an incredible dynamism of new ideas and plans for the coming year.

Unseen Talents of Silence

 An Ayurvedic doctor once said to me, always be respectful of people who seem more quiet and introverted because usually they have some unique talent or skill that they have cultured quietly by themselves.

Our success in life is based on our actions, our actions are based on our thoughts, and our thoughts are based on our being—a field of pure silence. The more we are grounded in that silence—the stronger the base—the more powerful our actions will be and the greater our success and fulfillment.

Like a Wave on the Ocean

When a wave settles down into the huge vast ocean, it is like our thoughts settling down into the huge expanse of silent being. Regularly experiencing that calm expanse broadens our perspective in life, allowing us to act in a calmer and more effective way.

Fortunately, we don’t have to go away in solitude to experience silence, or need to be an introverted, silent person to be talented. Research shows that creativity and success in life increases in all types of people who practice Transcendental Meditation.

Enjoy winter’s silence along with the serenity within and get ready to burst forth into the dynamism of spring’s awakening!



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