Science of meditationWhat is enlightenment? Does enlightenment have a definition? How can I attain enlightenment? People have been asking these questions for centuries. Now, the Enlightenment For Everyone team created the infographic below to shed some light on these questions and visualize the recent relevant scientific research on enlightenment, brain integration, and higher states of consciousness.

This infographic takes the reader through traditional descriptions of enlightenment, quotes from famous people, down to the scientific research and how meditation can serve as a tool to grow in enlightenment.

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As far as the original questions: what is enlightenment and defining enlightenment—it is best that you start to experience this wordless phenomenon for yourself. If there is one thing we can add, it is that growing in enlightenment, and unfolding our full potential, has been our greatest joy and greatest teacher.

“What is important is the alternation of the Transcendental Meditation technique with daily activity. Rest and activity—this is the way to grow to enlightenment—to live life free from suffering, to live life in bliss consciousness.”—Maharishi

Enlightenment for everyoneIf you have any questions or experiences to share please feel free to comment below. You can also find out more about meditation and enlightenment by browsing this site or reading the book Let Your Soul Sing: Enlightenment is for Everyone. Enjoy!

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