raj-health-spaI recently spent a deeply nourishing time in the cornfields of Iowa at The Raj—an Ayurveda Health Spa. Beneath the beautiful skies and vast farmlands of Fairfield Iowa, down a road graced with the most vibrant, colorful leaves of pear trees I have ever seen, stands a charming building reminiscent of the French countryside. Walking in through the doors, I immediately felt vibrant silence and my physiology instantly began to unwind from the frenetic activity of the world.

The Raj is the most authentic Ayurveda health spa in America. Ayurveda, which literally means knowledge of life span, or immortality, is an ancient science of health care from India that focuses mainly on prevention and also eliminates disease through natural means.

A Maharishi Vastu—Sthapatya Veda—Hotel

The Raj hotel is built according to Maharishi Vastu, a science of architecture also from India, which offers guidelines for constructing buildings and homes according to natural law. Just being in the building itself was uplifting to the senses, with the lovely soft décor and artwork. The symmetric design created a feeling of orderliness. I also loved waking up every morning with the sun pouring into my room. I felt the building itself was sparkling with lively consciousness.


The Royal Treatment

I couldn’t wait to start the treatments—being bathed in warm soothing oils made me feel like a queen. Each day I felt more relaxed as I easily sunk into each luxurious session.  My favorite treatment is called Shirodhara, which consists of warm herbalized oil gently being poured back and forth on the forehead, for about 20-30 minutes. The warm oil flowing on my forehead stilled the barrage of thoughts that were going through my mind.

The organic food was delicious, and I never felt cravings for any other food, like my usual daily dose of chocolate. The knowledge lectures in the evening were also extremely stimulating, keeping my intellect lively.

A Quantum Leap

My meditations took a quantum leap in clarity.  I can even say divinity, as the sparkling qualities of pure consciousness zoomed forth in my awareness, bestowing upon me moments of pure bliss.The-Raj-massage

Every day I felt such gratitude for being able to come here and go through a week of treatment. Now that it is over, I feel refreshed, clear, and energized. Another couple also going through the treatment while I was there said that they used to go away on vacation to luxurious, well-known resorts. Now they want to spend their vacation time at The Raj once a year, because afterwards they feel rejuvenated, renewed, and better than from any other vacation they could possibly enjoy.

If you want to take an ideal vacation and enjoy a time of rest and rejuvenation, The Raj is one of the best places to come to.

Wishing you all perfect health and enlightenment!!

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