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– What is self-empowerment?
– Understanding Self with a capital “S”
– How do we become familiar with our “Big Self”
– How meditation helps us to become more empowered


The image above

I saw this quote on Facebook. I love how it really defines the concept of Self-Empowerment. It states that we should take charge of our life, not letting circumstances or other people control or define us.

What is self-empowerment

Let’s break down the word Self-Empowerment. The first word is “Self”.

There are two aspects to our Self—one is our small self, composed of our surface thoughts, desires, and unique individuality. Then there is the BIG SELF—the deepest aspect of who we are, the silent universal level of our Being. This SELF is our infinite, unbounded, blissful, peaceful nature—our source and essence. The small self is like individual waves on the ocean that are tossed about by the different winds that may come along. The BIG SELF is like the vast calm depths of the ocean, unmoved by any storms.


The next word in the phrase Self-Empowerment is empower

Power means the capacity to exercise control or authority and the ability to accomplish or guide.

Where is the deepest level of power?

It is at the source of the power. The light is more powerful the closer we get to the bulb. The more we experience the source of our own power—the BIG SELF—the more inner power we gain to be in control of our lives.

bubble_diagramHow do we become familiar with our Big Self?

We can dive into our Big Self—our own power—by going beyond the surface level of the mind until we transcend the finest level of the thinking process and experience the pure silence of our Being. This state of pure transcendence can be easily experienced through the technique of Transcendental Meditation.

Research on meditation

Research shows that profound physiological changes take place while we meditate, including a fourth major state of consciousness characterizeatness. In this unique physiological state, the mind is completely calm and still, yet extremely alert. Over time, this coherence and order spills into daily activity.

Experiences of people who meditate

People who meditate often remark that they become more in control of their lives and are less tossed about by outer circumstances. Even people from the most stress-ridden populations notice that at first when they practice TM, they become less reactive, and in time they start to feel that situations and circumstances are supporting them rather than always being against them. This is true Self-empowerment—empowered within from the deepest level of our being.

There are many valuable organizations today working to help people, particularly young girls, become self-empowered through education. This is very important. However, to truly empower everyone everywhere we have to give them the experience of their deepest Self—their own essential nature. When anchored to this level, they can live life without being a football to outer circumstances. They will have much more inner fortitude to live by choice, to make changes, to be motivated and to excel.

I love the phrase in the quote at the beginning of this post, “I choose to listen to my inner voice.” When we are calm and silent inside, it’s easier to hear and be guided by those quiet whispers within.

Concluding the definition

The third part of the phrase Self-empowerment is “ment”. Everyone is “meant” to be in the power of the SELF and be able to enjoy life to its maximum because the SELF is a state of all-powerful love, truth, and bliss. By empowering ourselves, we can effectively deal with challenging situations that may arise around us, and gain the ability to uplift and help our loved ones.

Let’s all “choose to be me” and become truly self-empowered!

Health and Happiness,


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