Stars-1To let go is a song that not many know
please God give me strength and help us all grow
If even one has the courage, we all get nourished
out of one seed you will see an entire tree flourish

Fight not for yourself, but for that you are fighting
until the gap ceases and the fire needs no lighting
It is what it is, and you are what you are
ease within turbulence, I keep one eye on the stars

Life is hard, as a mirror of what we make it
always so, so careful as to not trip up and break it
However, this mirror is like that of a pond
no matter what we do the reflection goes on

Why reach out for what is oh so close
like trying to feed an entire village with a single piece of toast
For me the biggest lesson is to live what I know
happiness and freedom given with a silent flow

Words of wisdom to cripple the fear, I never knew that God was so near

Behind these eyes is what does the seeing
as far and as close as what does the bleeding
The Charioteer, Divine, Pioneer, Sublime
It has taken much more than time
This realization, full force is why I am alive

Many of lives we etch away at the veil
courage on the trail to find the Holy Grail
The gracious, gaping, golden moments of presence
press, like an ageless rose and its eternal essence

I will not settle — abundance on all levels
innocence, purity, the bass and its treble
Healthy as the horse which plows creating food
wealthy as the day I feel giving-true
Wise as the skies and my one hundred millionth try
the sweat from my brow can now be set aside.

Cultivating the highest of the high, and lower than the low
“establishing that by which everything is known.”

Poem by Contributing Author